Frequently Asked Questions about The Hudson Condominiums

Building Maintenance

York Maintenance does an inspection of the building once a week, and will replace any failed light bulbs in the common areas (halls, lobby, garage). If you believe an issue needs more urgent attention, please fill out a Maintenance Request Form. (Links to Maintenance Request Form Page)

Fire & Safety Alarms

This alarm is for Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colorless gas that can be produced as a constituent of car exhaust fumes. When significant CO is detected, the alarm is sounded, the flashing light is lit and a garage exhaust fan is turned on to help evacuate the fumes. When this occurs, you should not loiter in the garage.

Out of consideration for the health and well-being of your neighbors, please try to limit your contribution to the garage’s Carbon Monoxide content by not idling your car for extended periods while inside the garage.

First, you should make sure it is safe to leave your unit (that there is no significant fire or smoke in the hallway). Then proceed to evacuate the building. Do not use the elevators. Do not acknowledge or reset the alarm panels in the lobby. The Fire Department will respond. Do not reenter the building until the Fire Department has given the all clear sign.

If you have smoke in your unit, the smoke detector in your unit will issue a very loud alarm. The fire alarm panels in the lobby will be notified and will make a chirping sound.

This condition will be automatically reported to our fire protection service (BFPE), and York Security should respond.

The alarm in your unit will continue to sound until it has been acknowledged at either of the fire alarm panels in the lobby.

If the alarm continues, and there is no continued smoke, it may be because the smoke detector in your unit has become coated with soot or grease. The detector will have to be dismounted and cleaned. In this case, you should call BFPE (our fire protection services contractor) at 550-2699 and ask for assistance.

The Fire Department will not respond to an alarm in a single residential unit. The Fire Department will respond to an alarm in a residential hallway, trash chute room, garage or one of the commercial (restaurant) units.

Please note that the maintenance of the smoke alarms and sprinkler heads inside a residential unit are the unit owner’s responsibility.

The two fire alarm panels in the lobby are redundant copies of each other (if one sounds, the other one should also). They are for the entire building, residential and commercial spaces. If the alarm panel is making a chirping sound, then it is reporting a pre-alarm or system error condition. The panel display will provide information about the cause. Do not acknowledge or reset the alarm panels. The Fire Department will not respond to this type of alarm condition. This condition will be automatically reported to the fire protection service (BFPE). Depending on the type of alarm, BFPE or York Security may respond.


Service vehicles may temporarily park in garage locations that are not reserved and that do not block access. The owner should place a sign in the vehicle’s front window stating what unit they are visiting and the day / time. In no circumstances may such vehicles park in the garage overnight.

There are no car parking spaces for visitors in the garage. Your visitor may want to park on the street or at one of the various parking structures available throughout the city. For guidance on available parking options, please visit

First approach is to leave a warning note on the vehicles window. A second approach may be a general email sent to all known residents asking for assistance. In an extreme case, you may arrange for the vehicle to be towed by calling Ace Towing at (919) 821-2121. If the problem is persistent, you may contact the HOA Board via email and ask for assistance.

Safety & Security

If you become aware of a situation at the Hudson that is threatening in nature, disturbing the peace, involving vandalism or theft or blatant illegal activity, you should first contact the police. The emergency phone number for the police is 911. The non-emergency number is 996-3855.

Do not put yourself in danger by confronting an individual or group or introducing yourself directly into the situation.

If the police are unable or unwilling to respond, or if by the nature of the situation you do not feel comfortable in directly contacting the police, you can call York Security. As part of the property management contract with York, they can provide uniformed security officer response on a 24 hour per day basis, 365 days per year. York Security can, if required, then escalate the call to the police. The local York Security contact number is 828-7677.

Note that York may bill the HOA a fee for each such response. If the situation prompting the call is reasonably valid and potentially involves more than a single unit, then the HOA will adsorb any such costs. Otherwise, the cost may be recovered by the HOA from the caller.

Other items to improve our security:

  1. Do not allow the outside doors to be propped open. If you see this happening, remove the obstruction and close the door.
  2. Do not allow people into the building that you do not know or that do not have a legitimate reason to be in the building. If necessary, ask for identification.
  3. Although it might be polite to hold the outside door open for someone following you, please do not do so.
  4. Do not “buzz in” anyone that you do not know or that does not have direct business with your unit.
  5. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and the York staff. Be able to recognize who belongs here, who they are and what unit they are from.

In brief summary, if you witness a threatening situation:

  • Do not get physically involved
  • Contact the police
  • Or contact York Security

Think safe, Act safe, Be safe.

There is no natural gas supply into the residential units. However, there is gas within the Hudson building for use by the restaurants.

If you smell gas within the building, you should immediately contact:

  1. The gas company (PSNC) at 877-776-2427
  2. Or Raleigh Fire Department at 911
  3. Or York Security at 919-828-7677

Telephone, Cable, Internet

There is a telephone room on each floor (near the trash chute room) and a master telephone room off the commercial garage area. These rooms are locked. To arrange for a key, please contact York.


Please take it to the city landfill. We recommend the one at:

9300 Deponie Dr
Raleigh, NC
(919) 856-6670

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